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HEIC is a popular image format also called High-Efficiency Image Format which is widely used to save images on IOS devices. It’s one of the most well-known storage formats in this modern era of digital photos as it allows you to save images with smaller file sizes without compromising on the image quality. However, many devices are non-compatible with this format that’s why you always need an alternative in the form of JPG. We have created this heic to jpg Converter Online for those users who are looking for an alternative.

HEIC To JPG Converter Online Free 2020

If you are an iPhone user but you want to share an image with a non-IOS user then you must need a quick converting platform to tackle this routine problem free of cost. Our heic to jpg Converter online works on complex dynamics handled by our high-speed servers to tackle the entire conversion load at their end to provide you with the high-quality image in changed format. Remember, you might have gone through various similar platforms but unfortunately majority of them are either not working or paid.

There’s also a huge risk of getting your laptop or mobile infected with a malware or virus as these platforms have a malicious advertisement in the form of pop-ups. To avoid all these above-mentioned hassles, you will need to bookmark our heic to jpeg Converter Online for the future. It was a short introduction of our platform; now let’s look deep into some core features that make it different from our competitors.

HEIC To PNG Converter Online Free 2020

With heictojpg.org you can also convert any HEIC format image to PNG easily as we are offering several formats for conversions. The heic to png converter online free works the same as our jpeg converter, once you have uploaded the original image then you will get all the options in a drop-down menu from where you can select the final image format that you want to download in your device. It wasn’t easy to add this feature in our platform for free because of several reasons that we cannot discuss due to some limitations, however; we are finally pleased to let you know that our heic to png converter online is ready to serve your needs from now on.

Heic to Jpg Converter Online Free 2020

HEIC TO JPG For iPhone

If you are an iPhone user then you will be pleased to know that our platform is fully compatible with IOS devices which mean that it will be quite easy for anyone to convert heic to jpg on iPhone within few seconds. We have created this platform in such a unique way that it fully supports all devices including iPhone, heictojpg.org is an outstanding free service for anyone who is looking to convert iPhone photos to jpg format for free. As you might have also seen that nowadays there are several softwares built for this purpose but the majority of the users are not willing to download heavy softwares in their devices that often reserve a lot of storage space and most important the system resources that will end up by making your device slow.

How To Convert HEIC To JPG For Windows

A significant number of our users belong to this particular category, maybe you are also one of those Windows users looking for a free platform to convert heic to jpg on windows. We have tried our best to ensure maximum assistance to our beloved users who are always looking for the best alternative to speed up their work. You can now easily convert heic to jpg on windows within few seconds, Remember; you don’t need to download any typical offline converting software because everything will be converted and handled online by our high-speed servers. If you also want to convert photos from heic to jpg format then start using our free online converting tool by clicking the upload button above.

How To Convert HEIC To JPG For MAC

Mac users are often disappointed by the unavailability of Mac compatible tools online because it’s quite challenging and costly to develop an online tool that supports Mac users along with windows, iPhone and Android. However, despite all these hurdles; our main focus was to develop a user-friendly online tool that will support all devices at the same time. You can now easily convert heic to jpg on mac anytime with our online heic converter that works super-fast and efficient. The converting process is 100% same as any other device, all you need to do is just simply upload your original heic format image file by clicking the above button, then after choosing the final format, click the download button and wait for few seconds until the image is downloaded in your browser.

How To Convert HEIC To JPG For Android

As we all know that the majority of internet users have Android phones as their main browsing devices, that’s why it was impossible for us to ignore android users from using our platform. You can now easily convert heic to jpg on android within a few seconds. Our website user interface is mobile friendly that will enable you to convert any heic image to jpg format from the comfort of your android phone.

Unlike other platforms where it’s quite difficult to upload files from mobile phones due to some annoying buttons and advertisements, heigtojpg.org will enable you to upload images to our online heic converting tool by just taping the upload button, rest of the work will be done by our high-speed servers automatically once you will choose the final download format. Remember, the download process will automatically initiate in your mobile browser within a few seconds, if you have strict security settings of your phone then don’t forget to grant all the required permissions quickly. If there is any warning from the security system of your phone then simply ignore it because this platform is 100% safe and secure to use. We have a qualified team of cyber security professionals who ensure your utmost online safety 24/7.

Heic to Png Converter Online

Why You Should Try HEICTOJPG?

Well, there are several reasons that you should consider while choosing our platform for converting your heic files to jpeg, however; to convince your mind we have compiled the list of all those features of this platform that makes us unique from others.

HEIC To PDF Converter Online 2020

PDF is a document file that can contain text and images. The pdf files can be easily viewed in web browsers if there is any PDF extension or plugin installed. As we all know that pdf files are frequently used in office related works. If you want to use any heic file in pdf format then you are at the right place now. Along with other services, our heic to pdf online converter works similar to any other service. All you need to do is to select the final download format as pdf from a drop-down menu that will be displayed on your screen once you will click the convert button.

Convert HEIC To PDF Online Free 2020

We have created this platform fully customized to make sure that you are getting the best possible results. Remember, we have developed this all in one platform so that you can access all the online tools that you are looking for at one place to avoid switching multiple tabs that will waste a lot of your time. Remember, it’s a completely free tool without any sort of restriction. While using heic to pdf converter online, you don’t need to sign up first or have to provide any sort of payment details because it’s a free service.

High-Quality Images

If you are looking for the best heic to jpg converter without losing image quality then you are precisely at the right place now. On heictojpg.org, you will be able to download any heic image in png or jpg without compromising on its quality which means that the quality of the downloaded image in changed format will remain the same as it was before in its original format.

Unlimited Conversions

There are no download limits as you can convert an unlimited number of images with our online heic converter for free. Unlike other websites, where you are often asked for your credit card or payment details after reaching a particular threshold, There is no such thing in our platform because everything is free and unlimited.

High-Speed Downloads

As we all know that speed is a major concern for anyone who wants to turn heic to jpg using his/her mobile phone with limited internet speed. Our high-speed servers are working 24/7 to ensure super-fast download speed so that you don’t have to wait for long to save heic as jpg in your mobile devices. You can also view HEIC Files on Iphone online free..

Multiple Formats

We are offering multiple formats on your website including jpg and png so that you can choose the best format for your needs. Once you will upload the original heic image that you want to convert, a drop-down section will pop up in front of your screen from where you can select the final image quality as per your needs.

Batch Converts

If you are a professional video editor or a graphic designer then you will be fully aware of the importance of this feature. The batch convert allows users to convert multiple heic images to jpg format at the same time. It’s an outstanding rare feature for those people who are always looking for batch convert heic to jpg as it takes a lot of time and effort to choose every single image every time for conversion.

Safe & Secure

Heictojpg is a 100% safe and secure platform that anyone can use without worrying about any security risks as we have a highly secured system that protects the privacy of every user at utmost priority.

Wrap Up:

We are glad to know that you have finally found a trusted platform for your routine heic to jpg conversions. Our objective is to provide high-quality free services that can meet the demands of our users. In the future, we will add some other amazing services too in our platform, so if you haven’t bookmarked this webpage yet then do it right away to get all the latest updates. If you are facing any issue or error while using our services then don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


How Do I Convert HEIC TO JPG?

Well, it’s quite simple and easy to convert heic to jpg format. You have to follow these simple steps in a sequence.

  • Click the upload button.
  • Choose the images from your phone or device that you want to convert.
  • Upload all those images after selecting them.
  • Select the final image format from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Convert button.

What is a HEIC Photo?

  • HEIC stands for High-Efficiency image file format developed by MPEG or Moving Picture Experts Group.

How Do i Convert HEIC to JPG On a Mac?

If you are a MAC user then you also need to follow these simple steps in a proper sequence as they are mentioned below.

  • Click the upload button above.
  • Now upload all the relevant heic images that you want to convert.
  • Once all the images are uploaded, select the final image format as png or jpg.
  • Click the convert button and wait for few seconds until the whole process of converting is completed successfully.

Can Windows 10 Convert HEIC To JPG?

  • Yes, you can easily convert heic format images to jpg using Windows 10.

How do I open a HEIC File on My Computer?

  • To open HEIC on the computer, you will need to have software installed in your PC called Apowersoft Photo Viewer that enables you to view the photos on your computer.

Why iPhone Photos are in HEIC?

  • Like JPG or PNG, HEIC is an IOS compatible image format in which all the photos on any IOS device including iPhone are automatically saved.

How Do I Convert My Phone Pictures to JPEG?

  • With our online heic to jpeg converter, you can easily convert any heic image from your phone to jpeg format by just taping the upload button above.
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